Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some thoughts on my Sisters' first battle

Well i had my first game with the new codex this week and i would have to say it went pretty well. unfortunatly there was some cruel jokes of the dice gods against my opponent so we will have to play again to get a better idea of the sisters.

so for this game it was about 1680 points of sisters vs eldar. i know this is a weird value but my friend wanted to try out some new models and i said just filed whatever you have and i'll match it. my opponent was testing out a small group of shadow spectres and a warp hunter tank (both from forge world). besides them he also had some storm gaurdians a squad of dire avengers with exarch, some pathfinders, a wave serpent full of harlequins, some fire dragons with an exarch, a wraith lord, and a farseer with some warlocks. sorry i dont have a point break down or what powers the warlocks had but we made lists up on the spot so... sorry.

to fight this i had the Saint (of course), a cannoness with an eviserator, rosarius, and combi-flame, a command squad with 2 heavy bloters, 3 squads of sisters all 10 strong with a flamer, melta-gun, combi-melta in a rhino with extra armor, a domminion squad 10 strong with 4 melta-guns and a combi melta in a rhino, 5 serraphim with the sister supperior equipped with a eviserator, and 2 exorcists with extra armor. that's a decent amount of stuff.

well the mission was seize ground with three objectives and i deployed and went first. the objectives were lined up pretty much down the middle of the table forcing us to have a pretty straight forward fight. i reserved the dominion to out flank later and hoped for the best. over the game went very much my way. my dominions came on turn two and killed his warp hunter and i killed some other stuff through out. sure the doms died the next turn to blade storm + assault but they did their job. i avoided my opponents path finders just about all game as well as his wraith lord which was good. his specters didn't show up until like turn 4 and the game ended on five so they didn't get to do much. his harlequins basically killed everything they touched which sucked for me but eventually i got them out of close combat and burned them to death. the saint did decent pulling fire and getting back up to kill things. the cannoness and command were a decent range support unit. i wanted to get the into some combat but that never quite time. basic sisters did fine which made me happy. i usually rolled 2-4 faith a turn and it worked out ok. the first turn or two i only really could spend it for the command squad to get all relentless, which was great and to twin link the doms which was equally great.

My opponent had terrible luck. like i said his specters came in way too late, and the dice hated him. for example he went to wreck my sisters with his harlequins and the troop leader leads of with a bunch of power weapon attacks. he gets three hits and then rolls three ones to wound. but worse at one point i had him down to two fire dragons and they decided to blow up a rhino full of sisters so his storm guardians can charge and kill them and grab an objective. well first he whiffed the shooting phase then in anger he assaulted it. the rhino hadn't moved so two auto hits with melta bombs which of course pen. and then i roll 2 6++ invuln saves tottally crushing his dreams. next turn the saint got up from the dead and burned the dragons and the sister squad in the rhino let their flamer fly and sizzled them to death.

in the end i held 2 objectives to none and i had very little resistance left. so good first time out filled with lots of luck for me and non for my worthy opponent.
so what are my thoughts so far after experianceing the sisters first hand now?

well its a nice breath of fresh air. the faith works though is very limited. the saint is a house and she will basically always be in my list now. i plan to keep fielding the cannoness and her command crew. i like the idea of a range support/counter assault unit and they work pretty well, i think the only change is i will switch to combi-plasma and maybe add a simulacrum imperialis and transport if points allow. a simulacrum would be a good upgrade for any unit really and if i have points i'll tak them i think. the doms worked well. might try a smaller squad with less melta in a immo next time becuase i think 5 melta shots might be a bit over kill. the serraphim did ok as basically a meat shield for the saint. they really are now just a flanking unit to harass opponents with now i think or a meat shield for the saint, they really should not get into close combat if they can help it. exorcists have changed little so they are still pretty awesome. oh and 6++ always helps. its not a lot of help but its a chance to slow down your opponent and piss 'em off.

overall it was fun. i do think the sisters need a more dedicated assault unit. so that means i will be trying out the repentia. i have already ordered the bits i plan to use to make them so hopefully my plan will work, because i refuse to use the games workshop ones (they look dumb). i think they could work well, especially if they borrow someone else's rhino. like say the hq's or the dom's.

anyways i hope to do an actually proper battle report and some proper lists in the near future. oh and maybe i will remeber to take pictures during the game so you can see the enemies stuff. and of course sorry the pics were taken with my phone. my digital camera doesn't like me right now and my computer doesn't like SD cards right now either so double loss on that. so sorry if the pictures suck.

until next time...
May the Emperor Protect.

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