Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sisters of Battle: some comments and future plans

so the new codex is out and done with. i have a few gripes but over all i think its actually pretty decent. there looks to be a good amount of synergy and it all looks cool. they do need to faq the serraphim though. rules as written the hand flamers don't work very well and are thus a stupid point sick. as it is written serraphim can shoot two PISTOLS at the same time. the hand flamer though is a assault 1 weapon. it does not have the pistol rule. therefore not only do serraphim carrying them not get an extra attack for two weapons (which i am going to assume the other all do but that should be clarified as well) but they are basically paying 20pts for a s2 ap6 template. that's a bit of a rip off to say the least. other than that most of my complaints are little things or things i have already mentioned that i won't get into until i actually play some games.

i should be getting my first game with the sisters in this coming Wednesday, so that should be good. i will just throw together something for what i have. knowing my opponent is going to want to try out some new eldar stuff (the forge world spectre guys) i know that the game will probably be around 1300pts. so this will really just be for fun and testing.

after that i am going to try and make some lists from the codex at the 1500, 1750, 1850 and 2000pt levels since those are the usually tournament standards. the codex should work well up to 1850 definitely and most likely up to 2000 before the faith points start to suck with the whole not scaling up thing, so we will see how it goes.

so here is a quick list i threw together that i can field pretty easily for 1500pts. it looks ok and has some obvious flaws but it could be fun and is a start.

The living Saint- 115

Cannoness- rosarius, eviserator, combi-whaterver -125

command squad- 3 heavy bolters- 130

Battle Sister Squad- 2 melta gun, combi-whatever, rhino w/ extra armor -205

Battle Sister Squad- 2 melta gun, combi-whatever, rhino w/ extra armor -205

Battle Sister Squad- 2 melta gun, combi-whatever, rhino w/ extra armor -205

Fast Attack:
Domminion squad- 10sisters, 4 meltaguns, melta-bomb, rhino- 215

Heavy Support:
Exorcist- extra armor- 150

Exorcist- extra armor- 150

total 1500points

again not a great lists but i can field it right now no problem and lest me play around with some stuff. at higher point levels i want some serraphim and more domminions. i do want to try out the repentia and Pen Engines but that wont be for a while i don't think unless i proxy with my IG and some sentinels.

well tell me what you think. any ideas for sisters lists?
until next time
May the Emperor Protect

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