Thursday, August 25, 2011

Codex Sisters of Battle completion imminent

In just a few short days we will finally have the whole story on the new sisters of battle rules. the anticipation of getting the second half of this silly white dwarf codex is driving me mad. and it doesn't help that i wont be in the state when it comes out so i wont be able to pick up a copy until the Wednesday after at best. so i will just have to rely on the internet to give me the low down.

i am surprised that there really haven't been any rumors for part two on the internet. its like no one cares about this thing anymore after seeing the initial rules last month. i am just hoping at this point everything is decently costed and we get some cool war gear.

anyways my next post will be my thoughts on part two of codex sisters of battle and the beginning of the reorganization of my army.
as another note if repentia are costed well and in a good FOC spot i would like to try them out, but i hate there models. they look stupid and are crazy expensive at this point. i am thinking of using wargame factory's amazons some liberal green stuffing and finding some chainsaws or something and making some better looking repentia. anyone out there have a better idea? i am looking for cheap and plastic. a box of i think 24 amazons is like $20 U.S. which is well worth it.

anyways until next time...
May the Emperor Protect

just saw that the point costs are popping up on the internet, and people are not happy. i am not going to talk about it now as i want to really look at it before either joining the hate wagon or jumping for joy. i will say this may be bad for immo spam lists, which is ok because i didn't like them anyways... we shall see

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