Tuesday, August 16, 2011

White Dwarf Sisters Part 1 review: Part 2 the not so good part

So for my first part I tried to be as upbeat as possible since most of the internet seems hell bent on doubts and complaints. this is a list of things I do not like the looks of based on this first part and the revamped sister’s page on games-workshop’s site.

Lest start with the HQs and work through again. So we have standard hero sister (canoness), Super sister (the Saint), a human version of a chaplain, and two super versions of said chaplain. So we have 5 hqs. Now my problem with this is why the hell in a sisters of battle book are only 40% of our HQ options sisters? That really bugs me. I get that the ecclesiarchy is important but seriously drop one of the stupid preachers and just replace it with a freaking special canoness or something. Is that so hard? Hell you don’t even need a model for her just like that special xeno inquisitor in the grey knight book. Just throw in her rules and let us figure it out. I get they want to sell of their remaining stock of dumb rather meh models. It would have been cooler if they just made one an upgrade or something though (heck maybe they still will… yeah right).

Ok next thing. They gave sisters frag and bolt pistols. I mentioned this before but again this annoys me a little. Yes I know they are modeled with them on the models and that is probably why they have them now. But I really can’t see a situation where you would want to use either of these things with sisters. Unless there is like 2 or 3 marines left on turn 5 and you need to clear them from an objective and take it for yourself. And in that case I think just charging them would have to do anyways. Sisters don’t charge. They don’t need frag grenades. They are a close range shooty army that relies on their armor to help them get in there and then protect them if the enemy charges them. It would have been better to give them some kind of defensive grenade. That would’ve been awesome. Oh well I guess I’m just annoyed because I fear this will cause them to cost a few extra points a model then they should.

Moving on from that little gripe let’s look at the web site. Now that they have officially switched it over to the “sisters of battle” section and no longer “witch hunters” maybe we can see where things might fall force organization-wise. Well it is possible that they just left everything set up as It was on the witch hunter side and this look will be pointless but I’m guess how it is set up is how it will be when part two comes out… I hope I’m wrong.

Why? Well I really want pen engines in elite and either repentia or celestians as our second troop. Because all armies should have two troop choices, even if no one uses the second one normal. There must be a choice. But it looks like repentia are still elites and well everything is as it was before leaving us with just battle sisters as troops which is the lame. And, as an aside, if one of the special characters make something a troop that doesn’t count as a second troop choice. Though if something makes seraphim troops I could be happy (but that’s just crazy talk).
Oh and before I forget screw you GW for the immolator. If it isn’t dirt cheap or covered in really really badass affordable upgrades, like say one that makes it a emperor damned fast vehicle like it is suppose to be, I’m am going to be very upset.

Well I think that’s all the complaining in me until the second part comes out. Now before I go I will make one thing clear.

No matter what I will play this codex. I will not give up on the sisters. I do not recommend anyone starting an army of them unless they inherit the army or a million dollars, until plastics come out. But for those of us who play sisters we should not give up on them. I will do everything I can to make this codex work until I am given another.

This whole white dwarf codex will most likely be a setback for sister somewhat. Really the set back is more the lack of affordable models then possible bad rules. But something good has come of it for me. It has given me a definite purpose to continue this blog. I will still talk about my other armies occasionally and actually plan to talk about one of them in the next post. But from here on out Ordo Hereticus will be dedicated to primarily making a good working possibly competitive (don’t hold your breath) list out of the new sisters of battle.

That is all for now
Until next time…
May the Emperor Protect.


  1. Dude, you just complained for several paragraphs and then admitted that you were going to play them anyway! Probably because you already got an army but still :P

    Followed anyway because i did actually agree with you :)

  2. thanks for the follow =). i know i complained a lot but that was the point of the post to point out all the crap i thought would suck. but now that we have the whole thing its pretty good.
    anyways thanks again =)