Friday, April 23, 2010

My First Battle report... kinda

SO for the past couple of weeks i have been playing 40k again (after the whole awesomeness of BFG) and it has been good. i have been trying to write up my first bat rep ever and well, have failed miserably so here's the brief overview and then a bunch of pics for kicks.

So the battle was a three way king of the hill style 1000pt match between me HeliosRaven and our friend matt. basically we all deployed on a small (4 x 4 ish) table with decent cover with our only objective being the personr controling the objective at the end of the game (simple stuff really). and what was our objective for the free for all? why the top floor of a ruin of course. this was chosen for the simple facts that A. it makes it almost impossible for more than one person to hold it and B. it makes the game look cool.

we have me playing my beloved Order of the Penitant Light (sisters of battle) coming in with a cannoness with jump pack 2+/4+ save and other goodies with a squad of serraphim backing her up. two battle sister squads in rhinos each with an eviserator and two melta guns. a domminon squad with 4flamers an imagifier and a combi flamer in a immolator and an exorcist for back up.

sitting just a few inches from me was HeliosRaven playing his deadly Thousand Sons cult army. so Sorceror HQ, Two squads of sons a Defiler and a very sick group of chosen (who have light up eyes but i don't have any pics of them on. sorry, check his blog i think he has a post on them).

and lastly across the table taking up a whole short edge with troops was out friend matt. now matt normally plays black templar but he didnt have them this week so we hodge podged together helios's 705th Mechanicus Tank Division and my 57th Hera Mobile Infantry (so IG). on a side note helios has made any tanks yet for his IG and i don't plan on using any ('cause im crazy) so he fileded an all infantry force. consisting of a HQ Command with a master of ordnance squad a Vet squad with Harker 3 plasma and demolitions and two platoons each one have a pretty standard platoon comand (just officer and vox i think) and 3 squads each which became two 30 man blobs each with 2 autocannons and one meltagun. thats a lot of fire power.

so long story short it was a great game with the defiler and exorcist doing basically nothing the master of ordnance blowing up the chosen (which was good becasue they started the game on the objective) my dominion squad lossing their immolator like turn 2 surviving the explosion and some small arms fire unscathed and then killing 29 guards men... that's right 29 IGies with one blast of their holy flamers.
at the end of turn 4 i got up to the objective and fortunately made it so no one could touch me that turn and the game ended on turn five with a solid victory for me. though if it went to 6 there was a good chance it would have been a chaos/sisters draw and 7 probably would have seen either a chaos win or a chaos/IG tie some how.

anyways we all had fun like i said and i played better than i usually do. i made sure to protect my important scoring units as well as keep my eye on the objective. for the most part i did very little shooting and tryed to avoid combat where i could and focused just on grabbing the objective that mixed with the gaming ending on 5 is the only reason i won.

so now i give you pics of the match. sorry if the quality is meh just kinda rushed them. the pic up at the beginning of the post is actually the last pic of the game with my one troop choice holding the objective and my other acting as a meat shield against the on coming chaos troops. if there was a next turn i would have had my serraphim in place to counter charge... hopefully.

before the dominon squad.

After. =)

opening move for sisters

chaos deployment

and the guard's deployment

sister's deployment

so many guardsmen

and the infiltrated chaos dudes

well that's all of that sorry for giant pic post i will try to make better quality posts in the future i just failed at writing this so i just wanted to get it out there all ready. and as a final aside during this game Matt was using my green dice which over the past like 7+ games i have used them for they have rolled horribly and for this game they rolled perfect for him every time. so at the end i just gave him the dice they obviously like him better.

well until next time...
May the Emperor Protect