Saturday, September 24, 2011

some more thoughts on the Sisters of Battle after another battle

Well, i got another battle in with my sisters. it was a rematch against the eldar from last time with basically the same lists (we went up a few more points so some more doodads were added but nothing major). the battle was annihilation with pitched battle deployment. i ended up drawing the game just at the end and the whole thing was very fun. so now on to some points on the sisters.

-First i would like to say i have been reading the hand flamers wrong. in earlier posts i was gripping about them not working properly. somehow i missed read them so they are a s3 ap6 template pistol so they do work just fine for serraphim so you can be sure i will take some in the future.

-serraphim again are good for harassment and for being extra wounds for the saint and that's about it. either take five, two with hand flamers and superior with an eviserator and protect the saint, or take ten and just jump around pissing people off. i would not use the inferno pistols unfortunately. the unit is not really designed for tank killing in my opinion. or at least domminions are so much better at it that you really just shouldn't bother.

-domminions kick ass. right now i am using a ten girl squad in a rhino with 4 melta and a combi melta superior. i would change this to 5 girls two meltas and combi melta in a immolator simply because half the time they die right after completing their mission of tank destruction so better not to waste points. also this makes it easier to take two squads of them.

-standard sisters are good. yes i would have liked more than one troop choice but well this is a good troop choice. the only real problem is they have no close combat buffs so keep them shooting as long as possible. i have been fielding ten sisters with a combimelta superior 1 flamer and 1 meltagun in a rhino and i think its pretty good. this allows the squad to handle just about everything from orks to marines. you could give the superior a power sword or something but at S&I 3 i just feel its not worth it. just shoot the crap out of enemies and if the sisters get into close combat hope for lucky rolls or have a counter assault unit near by.

- so my biggest problem is of course this whole counter assault thing. right now the saint is the obvious and probably best assaulter in the book. all the other hqs are ok at best. i run a cannoness with combi plasma and eviserator right now with a command squad with either 3 heavy bolters or 2 heavy bolters and a heavy flamer. this makes an ok fire support/ counter assault unit. they have relentless, move through cover, stubborn, feel no pain, preferred enemy, I4 for the squad, and a god amount of attacks (assuming all your faith powers work). but this over all has been rather... meh they kill stuff but not as much as they could. a transport would of course help (preferably a rhino so you can keep shooting as you roll around the field) but i think this is just a point sick. the next best options are the cannoness again with celestians in stead, if only for a better combo of faith powers, or uriah and a goon squad of crusaders and assassins. the latter i very well might do since i am making some crusaders and assassins right now for an inquisition army so i might as well get some mileage out of them. the problem is i just don't know if i want to field Uriah. just don't like the priests for some reason. even though they have great rules and point costs just not loving them (must be because they aren't sisters).

-i still plan on trying out both repentia for the counter charge and pen engines since they are the only things left to try. i know no one likes the engine rules but im still going to try em. right now i have 2 models ready to go a third in the mail (yay ebay) and enugh bits to make the most likely esential wreck markers for them so i might as well try the damn things. i do have some high hopes for the repentia. used smartly i think they could be a very good unit for the army. giving a nice high strength close combat unit with some resilience (through having an invuln feel no pain and a faith power that lets you get at least one hit in per model)that really might help deal with serious problems like monsterous creatures and close combat dreds.

well that's all my thoughts for now. when i get some more bits in i will try and post some progress on making cheap repentia and the like. i do have one last closing thought. i have been trying to get the most out of my hobby budget as i'm sure most of you do too so i spend a lot of time looking for sales and cheap alternatives when i can. i think ebay can be a great place to shop for cheap second hand models. one thing i did notice though is some people need to do their bloody research before they bid on stuff. in several instances i saw this model being sold as a "oop sisters hq" which is a bold face lie. and not only that but people were bidding as much as $70 US for it. people please always check descriptions as well as the gw website before you bid. this model is still for sale for $15 US on gw and many other places and i would hate to see people get swindled like this.

anyways that's all i got to say. until next time...
May the Emperor Protect

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