Thursday, September 29, 2011

Combat Patrol!

So my local game store will be running a small combat patrol league in the coming month. we will be using the adepticon 2011 rules for combat patrol so you can look them up to see exactly what they are, here i will just go over the basics. the force org is 1-3 troops and 0-1 of everything else, plus an extra 0-1 swing spot that can be used for an extra fast, heavy or elite choice. after that there are no mosterous creatures, no psyker powers that involve a roll, no 2+ or 2++ saves, no model with 3 or more wounds unless they are a troop or have the swarm rule, and no vehicles with any armor value over 11 unless it is a dedicated transport or troop in which case it can have a 12. so those are the basics the only things we are change is we are allowing the latest codexes (so grey knights and current Sister are in) and we are playing at 600pts instead of 400pts. ok now that we are done with rules lets talk about what to bring.

so i thought long and hard about what army i should even play. i have Sisters (as we all know), IG, some space marines, enough stuff to cobble together some kind of grey knight list (just so i could have assassins), tau, and chaos. looking at all the choices i had i came to a few conclusions. first i have way to many side project armies, second i figured i should play an army i have mostly modeled and painted. so that brings me down to IG, Space marines, Sisters and Tau. now i decided against Tau mostly because though they are painted i didn't paint them and i am planning to strip the models sometime soon. i got most of my current tau (about 50%) from a friend who decided he didn't want to play them and well he will probably be in the league too and i would feel uncomfortable using his army as is against him. then i figured no space marines because i'm sure there will be plenty of them in the league and i didnt want to rush painting them.

so that left me with IG and sisters. i really thought about this and although IG would be alot of fun, especially since all i really have is infantry so i would just field tons of guys, i think the sisters would be interesting and let me play with some models i usually don't. i am sure you all figured it out based on the picture at the beginning of this post but i said to my self "well this is suppose to be a fun casual kind of league might as well use the one model that i always want to but can never fit in because it sucks in big games... its time to use the penitent engine."

so i decided to play sisters and to fit at least one engine into the list. after playing around with it a bit and talking to a few people at the shop i came up with this.

Troop 1: Battle Sisters- 10 sisters, 2x flamers, combi-melta

Troop 2: Battle Sisters- 10 sisters, 2x flamer, combi-melta

Fast Attack: Dominion Squad- 5 sisters, 2x meltagun, combi-flamer, melta bombs
dedicated transport: Rhino

Heavy Support: Penitent Engine

Swing Slot-Heavy Support: Penitent Engine

total: 600pts

yup i got two engines in =) which makes me very happy. I might squadron them i am not positive yet i will think it over since i have until next week to submit my list.
over all i think its decent. in this type of game there should be alot of infantry so i tried to kit out to deal with that primarily but also have some mech killing just in case. i figure the anti tank will be limited by points, and strategy that the engines might actually stand a chance to do something, or at least draw fire for a turn or two. over all i think this is a fun and silly list that will look cool and die hard... but hey i could be wrong.

over the course of the leauge i will try to keep people updated on my status and also to fix up my sisters. i plan to rebase all of the army so i might as well start here and re base these 25 sisters and touch up the paint on them in the process.

well tell me what you guys think. anyone have some good ideas for a sisters combat patrol under these rules? questions and comments always welcomed.

well that's all for now.
until next time...
May the Emperor Protect

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