Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Why the Witch Hunters

Ok so you may be asking yourself, "Why did this guy decide to play that army?" Well to be frank it all started with fluff. you see as i was starting to get into the hobby (a friend of mine and at the time room mate) was getting into the hobby of 40k and well I said to my self that looks cool and people have been trying to get me into it on and off for years but i guess the camel's back finally broke so i said lets do this.

so i picked up some space marines ya know 'cause their cool. i painted them up (as blood ravens by the by) and while doing this thought i really like these guys but i don't know if they are the army for me. so i looked at some stuff on GW and other places and found out about the inquisition. now these guys are the awesome is what i thought and i looked into it more and said to my self i really like the witch hunter inquisitor model i'll do that army, and as you can see above that is my first inquisitor Inq. Allastar Low whom is also my forst conversion by the by with his giant rhino storm bolter in his left hand.

Any ways, i got into it and also saw the Adeptus Sororitas, or sisters of battle as they are more better known, and saw that these gals deffinatly kick some ass. i mean storm trooper stats and space marine equipment plus special powers for only one point more than a storm trooper (this was the old imperial guard stormtrooper im talking about by the by ya know that 10pt dudes with hellguns and targeters) i'm sold!

So i started the army and quickly found out a few things. First though sisters can bring the hurt they are a close range army and they are NOT sapce marines. i found that the duribilty of the SM comes not only from his 3+ armor save but also and more inportantly his T4. Second i hate painting metal, since the witchhunters are entierly metal this was a long ordeal especially at the points where i wanted to do some conversions (for special weapons and the like). and Third painting white also sucks. i love my sisters and they look great ( to me anyways) but i swear i will never paint a nother white primary army nor an army more that 30% metal again.

other than this stuff witch hunters rock. now my current list, which has only gone to torney once (and finished some where in the middle of the pack) is all sistes of battle (SoB for now on 'cause i hate typing the whole thing out). the reason for this is even though i love my inquisitors i wanted to make the strongest list i could from just the straight Witch Hunter codex and i felt pure SoB was the way to go. at 1750pts i had 3 troops 3 heavy support 2 fast attack and a awesome HQ and a total of 8 faith points. eventually i will make my inquisitors cool lists of their own ( which i have several planned) but for now my sisters are my go to list for all my 40k needs.

ok so next stuff above is my Saint Celestine for my Sob order, which i have dubbed the Order of the Penetant Light. anyways sorry for the meh pic and the unfinished base ( ill finish it eventually) any ways just wanted to show you her before we get to the next section.

So besides the WH haveing cool fluff with all their protecting the imperium of man from its self stuff they also offer other cool things. first off inquisitors are cool very fluffy and full of conversion potential. so if you like just making cool models inqusitors and their retinues are the way to go. here i have two inquisitors i've made the left one is the classic witch hunter inq but i changed his inferno pistol into a storm bolter, and the other is a silly idea i had of a kinda gunsliger inq which is a tech priest body with a plasma pistol AND a inferno pistol and his back back (which you cant see was made from a SM missle bit from a troop box). you can really kit these guys out to have whatever you want them to and make them as crazy cool looking as you want its fun stuff =).
also assassins are grat looking to and some of my favorite elite choices in the game. for game play SoB are great. first like i said earlier they have great basic set up with BS4 bolters and power armor, plus they have a built in "psychic hood" which is cool which not only lets you negate enemy psychic powers but also makes force weapons less effective. and faith point kick butt, they have totally saved my skin many atime i mean giving a whole squad invuln saves for a pahse is a life saver and so is pumping to S5 or I5 for a turn is great too. they also can have waaaaay to much melta and flamer which is very very nice =). next the amry can recruit other imperial armies so if you already have guard deamon hunters or SM your can add these guys in to them or vice versa. and the last pro i give is only a minor one and that is most people have NO IDEA what you can do, i know in casual games with your friends thats not going to help but most times and random pick up games with strangers and in some low level tourny stuff alot of people have never played against the SoB so they will have no idea what you can do.

on the con side if you want to know like i said WH is basically allllll metal. and metal models are a big turn off to most people in my experiance. second like i said before they are a very short range army (12-24 inch efective range for the most part) so they need to get close and well they can not handel the assault too well.

well i think i've blathered enough for one post. I think i'll talk about my current list and all that in the next post and put up some pics of things actually in my army right now and not just stuff i think looks cool. and i'll work my my pics my only camera right now is my phone so its not the greatest and i probably whouldnt be taking pics with my computer screen in the background throwing out evil back lighting... oh well live and learn.

Until next time, May the Emperor Protect.

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