Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello and Greetings to you all.
this is Ordo Hereticus which is a miniature war gaming themed blog. here i will go over the basics that i'm sure any one who frequents these kinds of blogs will be use to ( army lists, painting, tactics, battle reports and the like).
i will be focusing mostly on warhammer 40k but i will eventually do some stuff for other games as i get in to them (expect some battle fleet gothic and maybe some war hammer fanatsy in the future.)
OK moving on i am relativly new member of the 40k world having been playing for almost 2 years now. my primary army as the name of this blog suggests is the Witch Hunters. Whom are awesome and if you say other wise i will bure you with holy promethium like the heretic you are. heh just kidding any critisim is always welcome here as long as it has fair backing. so no "you suck loser" i'd much rather "you suck loser beccause...".
anyways i go on so this is the first post i am working on my primary army in like 3 differnt list types (i will have pics soon enough of them) and also some tau dudes (cause the greater good is well great!) and some space marines 'cause like every one makes some of them evetually, and i'm working on a Imperial guard army ( because who doesnt like watching wave after wave of their own men die) which is actually for something called 'Legends of War" which i'm participating in with Keeper of the fortress and Helios Raven. you can read about it more on their blogs and i'll talk about it more eventually.
well this has gone on for far too long so then fare well and may the Emperor protect.

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