Tuesday, January 5, 2010

returning soon

after a small departure from the world of model painting i shall be returning soon. on my desk right now are the 50% completed Inq Karamazov (who has been that way for about 6 months now but ill finish him soo i swear!), my first deathguard terminator as well as eventually 4 of his friends. sergeant Tellion, who i am finally basing so he can look awesome with his home boys, and my second sentinel. one of these things i plan to finish in the next two weeks. and from there i will try to finish everything else on the table then do my last sentinel and my first valkyrie (been putting off the IG for too long) and then after that hopefully i will find a tournament or something else to finally motivate me to make the changes to my Sisters of Battle that i have been meaning to make. anyways pics in the next post of whatever i finish and probably everything else still sitting on the table.

THE PAINTING LIST: (the stuff i either have started to make or am planning to do in the near future)

-IG sentinel (lascannon)
-IG sentinel (plas cannon)
-IG Valkyrie
-CSM Terminators (5)
-CSM plague marines (~17ish)
-TAU broadsides (2) (one forge world one normal)
-WH INQ karamavov
-WH put tracks on my second exorcist already
-WH another immolator
-WH another Dominion Squad
-DE Reapeter Bolt Thrower (heh i bet you where expecting dark eldar or something but nope it is time to start some WFB in the near future)
-IG stormtrooper (using FW elysian drop troops for em)
- redo my IG HQ will explain later

well thats alot of stuff and in no particular order and thats just what i have laying around (yeah i am really behind i should be finished with all that ig stuff right now oh well)

and eventually more PEs and some other fun things from the WH codex.
well untill next time
May the Emperor Protect

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