Wednesday, January 27, 2010

progress update.... or rather lack of progress

ok well over the past two weeks i have been super busy. with uping my self to almost 50hrs a week at work plus trying to study for the GRE and trying to catch up with old college friends and working on my other hobbies (fencing primarily) i have had basically no time for painting this makes me a sad inquisitor.

anyways here is what i am working on at the moment... that is of course when i have a moment.

so lets start this off with the overall pic.

this is everything i am actually in the middle of painting ( i have a little case of painting ADD)
ok so there are 5 projects here one of which is kinda two projects.

so first off a tau XV8.

pretty standard guy all i have left for him is really attaching him to his base and well doing the base. oh and his sept marks.. i need to get my actually camera working and stop useing my phone becasue this thing just doesnt take good pics of metalics and i need to work on my lighting for that matter.

Second i have my test model for my dark elf scheme.

this guys is a very simple paint job. i am trying to just figure out my scheme for these guys and a way to do it simply so i can use it for a full army. so this is really his first coat of paint. i still need to add high lights and some washes and finish the details. after much thought i have decided to go with purple and basic metal as the primary colors for this army. One, because i havn't done a purple army yet and Two, because it looks surprisingly badass on these guys. also still trying to figure out a base, been thinking maybe snow.

Next, my current work for the Hera 51st Mobile Infantry (imperial Guard army) Sentinels.
this is the first Sentinel i have done and is in the same urban-esque camo as the rest of the army i rather like how the model cam out though i dont really like what i did for the base. not really use to haveing all that empty space to fill.

and this is the base and cockpit for my second sentinel. hopefully this base will look better than the first one. though still not super happy with it.

And now for long term big project. Death Guard.
I like these i guys i really do. i have had a group of plague marines for a while now and have been slowly working on them forever and then my friends got my some forge world death guard upgrades (terminators and marine upgrades) i had to start work again. though i have not made it very far and i am not sure how to base these guys at all. i want to do a corrupted ground thing but not sure how to do it.

And Finally my super long term project.
The one and only Inquisitor Lord Karamazov.

i love this model and really dont want to screw it up so i have been slowly working on it for like almost a year now. just every so often working on just one section until it is right not rushing anything about it. i should finish the legs next time i work on it and the feet will be a quick thing and then i am just left with my usually question. how to base it.

Ok well thats all i got for now. maybe i will actually finish something soon.
thanks for tuning in and as always
May the Emperor Protect

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