Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Xeno ships spotted

OK sorry for not posting last week. i am really trying to post at least once a week just to get into a good habit in case anyone ever starts to read this. anyways i just had too many things i wanted to write about and so little time that i ended up writing nothing. any ways enough of this on to the actual post! oh and sorry for taking pics on my laptop again just have no work space these days oh well.

so i started a little fleet of ships to go with my eventual tau army i will give fluff at a later date at the time all you need know is that the big ship is called Doran'Por'Kor'O'Aloh'Yanoi

Battle Fleet Gothic:
o for all of you who do not know what battle fleet gothic is it is a specialist game made by games work shop that co insides with war hammer 40k. what is is is the naval aspect of 40k and i do not mean naval as in water fairing vessels this is the future so we get space ships. now if you look into it most people have a lot of good things to say about BFG and i have to agree. it is fun and heck if your interested you can down load the rules of of GW's site and have a go at it with some pieces of paper of space marines representing your ships just to try it out.

In BFG all the major races are represented more or less and well when starting to make a fleet i decided i did not want to make a fleet one of my friends were making (eldar, and imperial navy/ space marine) so i went to the one race i love in 40k but have not really gotten to mess around with too much (though that's changing soon) the Tau. i started by collecting a few gw models and they are alright with OK rules but well they just did not look tau enough (sorry no pics of them look online if your interested) they honestly remind me of the botinay bay (from TOS star trek.. khan's ship) they are clunky and submarine-ish which is kinda tau and does fit the style they should be played but i wanted something more elegant and organic thus i turned to forge world.
The forge world models look great and are easy to assembly.. well just about everything for BFG is easy to assemble if it even needs assembly and before you say "yeah but aren't forge world models expensive?" you should know that at least at the time i ordered them they actually costed me less then the gw models so i will say that fw BFG stuff i think is usually actually well priced. also the rules for them or at least the stats are a little better (and recognized at BFG tournaments).

any ways i will talk about this again when i finish the fleet, which will be soon since i just finished 3 escorts (again sorry no pics) and will have everything i need to make my bombers and fighters by the end of this week.

May the Emperor Prote... i mean For the Greater Good!