Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sentinels have arrived

Not going to be able to game for awhile so i figured I would just do a quick post to show off my recently finished Armoured Sentinels. These are some fun models to paint i have to say and while working with them 2 were the old plastic metal hybrid and 1 is the new all plastic model. Both were fun to assemble, though of course the all plastic was easier. Unfortunately, the old ones did not have covers for the tops of them and i did not really want to try to make them (since my convert-fu is still rather lacking) so I just left them as is. The new all plastic model has some great stuff namely the very pose-able legs which basically give them a full range of motion allowing you to really dynamically pose these guys, which if i was a better modeler i really could have taken advantage of that. Oh, and the heads of the two pilots that can be seen are from the forge-world Elysian Drop Troop models if any one wanted to know. and well with out further words i give you lots of pictures.
First up group shot:

Sentinel 1:

Sentinel 2:

Sentinel 3:

Random shots:

Hope you enjoyed. Questions Comments and Criticism welcomed.
And as always
May the Emperor Protect