Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick update

Just finished a battle report with Helios Raven for Battle Fleet Gothic. It was a really fun game that i will try to write a brief summary on later. In short it was his Eldar pirate fleet against my Tau exploration fleet and well i made some bad moves and he just played spot on and wrecked me. i have to say BFG is a great game and if your interested in it check out the GW site for the rules (hooray free stuff!!!!) and Helios Raven's YouTube account for painting tips and our battle report, which he will be releasing in episodes over the coming weeks.
well its 2am where i am so
Until Next Time,
May the Emperor Protect

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

making markers for BFG

OK so i haven't been on in awhile.. again... its a good thing no one really reads this or i would feel bad. OK so i actually finished the sentinel from the last post and the arms for 4 death guard dudes, as well as start on the last sentinel for the squad. and when i'm done with it i'll post the whole group.

anyways, i have been playing a lot of BFG recently. HeliosRaven has been doing a nice painting class on BFG (Battle Fleet Gothic for those unfamiliar) on his youtube site which is quite good. anyways he asked me to play a match or two with him so we can show off the game and some of the basic rules to those viewers of his blog that have expressed interest. He will be posting some rules stuff and what not soon i think. Anyways, for BFG i have a small Tau fleet, and with out going too much into it Tau rely on torpedoes and bombers to win the day for them. So this post is a quick tutorial type thing for making some really quick and easy markers for torpedoes and other ordnance.

OK so first what you will need:
a print out of the ordnance marker PDF,

some PVA glue,

a piece of plasti-card or card stock,


(by the way i have a Degree in Biology and as such have lots of dissection kits which are great for model work which is where these babies came from. i love this type of scissor for modeling. they are small and very controllable. if you need a scissor for modeling these are my top pick)

and some bomber/fighter models (if you have 'em).

so this first you cut out some of the torpedo marker strips and glue them to the card stock. I actually was out of plasti-card so i just used a whiteboard from my comic book stack ( in the future plasti-card does hold glue better so go with it over other card-stock type things).
After they dry just cut out each strip and then divide them up if you choose. the strips are normal 6 torpedoes wide so i keep two of those and cut other in various ways to give me a couple of 4, 3, 2, and 1 width torpedo markers which will cover most of my torpedo wave sizes (easy stuff right =))

(all of our markers Glued and ready to be cut)

(here are the finished torpedoes.. easy peasy lemon squeazie)

For the fighter/Bombers/Assault Boats it is ever so slightly more complicated and i stress the slightly. just cut out one or two of the fighter/bomber template.

(our template and all of its now cut up brothers)

Glue it on to the card stock and let dry. once it is dry just cut it out and then use this as a template to draw and cut out a bunch more of these. if you have a good straight edge you can save your self some gluing and just cut out a bunch of 2cm x 2cm squares. once you have your squares just glue on whatever you are using as models, i used some forge world BFG mantas for the bombers but you can use whatever you want that fits appropriately on the base (as in fits on it with out hanging over the edges). just make sure they all face an edge so that you can tell which way they are going in game. next just paint them which takes all of 2 seconds and that's it,

(some of our finished guys with one unfinished marker all next to their mother ship)

Quick easy legal sized good looking markers for BFG and the whole thing takes 30 to 45 minutes for 12 bombers and 36 torpedo markers (including paint drying time).

And there you have it.
Most posts to come though i am very busy right now. with work and my other project.....

Well that's it for now.
Until Next Time.
May the Emperor Protect.